8.3311 Natural Language Processing (KOGW-MWPM-CL, KOGW-MWPM-KI)


Type Language Semester Credits Hours Room Time Term Year
S e 5 4 2 W 2017
Blockkurs, Termin wir noch festgelegt
BSc: optional compulsory (Wahlpflichtbereich)
BSc examination field: Artificial Intelligence (KOGW-WPM-KI)
BSc examination field: Computational Linguistics (KOGW-WPM-CL)
MSc: Major subject
MSc major: Linguistics and Computational Linguistics
MSc major: Artificial Intelligence


Prerequisites: Students should have already taken and passed "Introduction to Computational Linguistics". A strong background in artificial intelligence and machine learning is also highly recommended.

"Natural Language Processing" (NLP) is a research area at the intersection of computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It is concerned with the automated processing of natural language documents by computer systems with a particular application scenario in mind. In this seminar, we will look at different subfields of NLP, for instance automatic summarization, machine translation, question answering, and dialog systems.
This seminar will simulate the participation in a small conference. We will meet at the beginning of the term and distribute the topics. Every student will have to write a paper which will be peer-reviewed by the other participants. After the end of the peer reviewing process, the papers will be presented during one or two sessions in the semester break.
Only a limited number of students can participate. Spots will be assigned based on the date of registration to the Stud.IP course (first come, first served).

Link: http://www