8.3017 Lab-Rotation (KOGW-MPM-IDK)

Teachers in Cognitive Science

Typ Sprache empf. Semester ECTS SWS Raum Zeit Semester Jahr
P e 12 6 DD HH-HH W 2017
MSc Interdisciplinary Course


This course is open to students in the Cognitive Science Masters Programme.

Students taking this course get to know the practical work that is done in various labs of the IKW. They spend one week in each of five labs and will be involved in the current research.

This course can only be taken as a whole to complete the module "Interdisciplinary courses" (KOGW-MPM-IDK) and a course certificate is only issued after successfully passing the whole course. It cannot be mixed with interdisciplinary seminars.

Please contact your favorite labs directly for scheduling your visit there and for any questions related to a potential entry test, details of the envisioned work load, supervisors etc. A list of all participating labs is provided in the documents folder here on Stud.IP. It is possible to include further labs upon request.

For administrative questions (like routing cards, course certificates etc.) or further unspecific information, please contact Ms Schmitz (maschmit@uos.de, phone: 2407, 7154).